Grow your salon’s revenue by at least $800 per week
with my renowned 8-week program...

             LISA CONWAY

Develop a plan to build your dream Salon in 8 weeks, for less than $7.50 a day!


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Lisa here - Let me see if I have this right… 
You have BIG plans for your salon, but currently you find yourself:

Overwhelmed by
your numbers

  • It seems like every cent that enters the business, exits just as fast. 
  • ​You’re not exactly sure why this is happening and it’s stressing you out!
  • You’re confused about your pricing and aren’t sure if you need a price increase or complete restructure.
  • ​You know you deserve to be paid what you’re worth!

Exhausted from trying ‘all the things'

  • You’ve implemented a bunch of strategies, products and equipment to try and up your revenue, but nothing has stuck
  • ​You’re at a loss as to what to try next and frankly, you’re fatigued from all the trial and error

Desperately craving a cash influx, and fast!

  • You know you need more revenue and you need it ASAP. 
  • ​You’re motivated to do whatever it takes to finally get your salon the $$$ it needs to scale up, you just don’t know where to start. 
  • ​You want to ditch the trial and error and only implement systems from now on that are guaranteed to work.

Sounds about right? Good, then you’re in the right place!

Achieving sustainable revenue growth is one of the top obstacles hair and beauty business owners face, and I want to change that. 

Because even though we didn’t learn all the ‘business smarts’ in beauty school, it doesn't mean we don’t deserve to learn them ever!

That’s why I made $alon800 - the 8-week accelerator course. I want you to feel confident and capable in: 

A: Advertising your products and services like a boss, so you can reel in new clients and up your average dollar sale.

B: Being paid what you're worth - no more leaky buckets and lost profits. 

C: Creating an in-salon experience that is so sexy, clients can’t help but pay you tons of money AND keep coming back.

Making an additional $800 per week is as easy as ABC 
(see what I did there 😉).

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"Over the 8 weeks I grew my weekly revenue by more than $1,000. The LIVE sessions with Lisa are a gamechanger!"

Karen B.
Salon Owner and Superstar - CA

My $ALON 800 Program

I’ll walk you through my tried and tested salon success framework:

All for less than $7.50 a day!

Unit 1


  • Learn how to invite new clients into your salon with confidence.
  • ​Unlock the 3 secrets to increasing your average dollar sale by 3x.
  • ​Leverage your current clients to reel in new raving customers.

Unit 2


  • Find out where all the money is hiding in your business.
  • ​Learn my tried and tested pricing restructure formula. 
  • ​Master the art of identifying and overcoming ‘money suckers’, so you can crank your profits for good. 

Unit 3


  • Empower your team to show up and sell with conviction.
  • ​Uncover how to easily inject more retail sales into every appointment.
  • ​Kick the ‘ick’ that comes with selling - learn how you and your team can promote products and services in a humanized fashion.

But I’m not stopping there, I’m also gifting you:

My Gift To You

  • Special Guest Access to Monday’s (Tuesday's AUST) Salon Mentor Coaching Calls during the 8-weeks you're enrolled in the program. 
  • ​Lifetime access to all downloadable resources.
  • A money-back guarantee: If you show up and do all the work, but don’t make at least $800 more per week, I will give you every penny of your investment back!

$ALON800 is for you if...

 You’re a salon owner who is motivated and committed to scaling their business.

 You’re ready to increase your revenue by a minimum of $800 per week.

 You’re sick of playing small and dealing with problems you know there are solutions to.

 You crave a clear-cut step-by-step roadmap to success.

 You know you need to make some BIG moves to hit your goals and achieve financial, time and team freedom.

 You want to be held accountable by a group of professionals who have been in the game for years (yep, that’s us!).

 You want to connect with a community of salon owners who can cheer you on and grow with you!


Join me in $alon800, so we can craft a plan to grow your salon over 8 weeks, and give you the MONEY and FREEDOM you deserve.

JUST $1999 $399 USD!

or 6 weekly payments of $80 USD


One Time Payment + Get my Ultimate Digital Bundle!

$399 USD

Approx $615 AUD


6 x Weekly Payments

$80 USD

Approx $125 AUD


Join me LIVE, so we can craft a plan to grow your Salon over the next 8 weeks, and give you the MONEY and FREEDOM you deserve.

JUST $1,999 $399 USD!

or 6 weekly payments of $80 USD


One Time Payment + Get my Ultimate Digital Bundle!

$399 USD

Approx $615 AUD


Get my ULTIMATE DIGITAL BUNDLE when you pay in full...

$378 USD value, yours for FREE!


6 x Weekly Payments

$80 USD

Approx $125 AUD


Get my ULTIMATE DIGITAL BUNDLE when you pay in full...

$378 USD value, yours for FREE!

Hi! I'm Lisa...

Author, Speaker and founder of The Salon MENTORS

Teaching you the skills you're expected to know but were never taught...

Lisa Conway
Author, Speaker & Mentor

My mission is to help hair and beauty professionals learn the business SMARTS that they need to succeed, but were never taught in school, so they can finally scale their passion with confidence. 

Every Salon, Spa or Clinic professional deserves an amazing life, so I teach them how to achieve freedom of TIME, build an incredible TEAM and finally make an abundance of MONEY

My $ALON800 program is designed to help you generate $800 more in revenue every, single week!

How does this magic work? 

Well, we take a deep dive into your business and find all the areas where money is getting overlooked, lost and/or taken advantage of, and then, we put it all back in your pocket

This 8-week accelerator is your ultimate “go-to” for getting clarity on your beauty business. It shows you where to focus your energy, so you can finally take yourself and your team to the next level.

Let's Talk Wins & Results...

Any questions? I have the answers!

How is this program different from other "courses" I've taken?

First, I've walked a mile in your shoes for 30+ years. I've struggled through watching boring modules of content that wasted my time and I know you have better things to get on with! So, if there's anyone you should trust in creating a value-packed program that will get you results, it's moi. 😉

But, when it comes to the content within $alon800 and the coaching calls, I give honest, clear and direct answers to your challenges. 

The tools you need are ready to download and take into the Salon. The lessons are easy to implement and they address the obstacles you face everyday. The trainings are to the point, usually just a 25 minute watch. It's efficient and it's effective - period.

I've just started my Salon, is this really for me?

100% - it makes so much sense for you to set your business up for sustainable growth from the get-go. Doing this will save you countless hours and most importantly, save you from having to unlearn and relearn time and time again. 

Your clients and team members need a badass leader - why not make this you, right now!

 I'm really freakin' busy! Will I have time to get value out of this program?

I get it everyone is busy, especially if you have small children. That's why $alon800 is designed to get you answers and results fast, so you don't spend years stuck in the "not now, I'm too busy loop."

This program is about giving you time back, versus further filling up your schedule (what a disaster that would be!).

 I can't afford this just now, when are you doing this again?

This entire program is based around making you more money - specifically $800 more revenue per week

So, if you can't afford it right now, I recommend you take the plunge, so you can afford it three times over (at least) after the fact!

I guarantee that you'll get an immediate return on this investment of your time and money. However, of you don't achieve these results after putting in the work, I'll give you your money back.

 What happens when I have questions whilst completing the program?

Ask many questions as you like - you ask, I answer.  You can post questions in the private Facebook group or send them to the team and I will answer them LIVE during our weekly group sessions.

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